Meet to See Eye-to-Eye!

A good “working” relationship with your photographer means it doesn’t feel like work!

by Matt Artz

After all the weeks of preparation, months of planning, and a lifetime of dreams, it’s all over in a matter of hours – and in the end, what you (and your children, and your grandchildren) will have to remember those fleeting moments that made your wedding day uniquely yours, will be the images captured by your professional photographer. How your hired shooter sees you, your family and loved ones, and the ultimate results of all your hard work is exactly how you will remember the day itself over the years, so to say choosing the right photographer is a big deal might be an understatement.

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Shooter vs. Shooter!(?)

The importance of a good relationship between your photographer &

by Gary Randall

The relationship between Photography and Videography should be one
that is complimentary, not competitive. Both the photographer and I are looking for the perfect angles and shots so we can give a quality product to the bride. There are no second chances or retakes of what happens.

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